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Professional advice for keeping your vehicle running worry-free.

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Ultimate Guide to Road Trip Readiness: CarShield's Checklist for 2023

You might not often think about how to prepare your car for a road trip. At this point, simply jumping in the car and driving is baked into Americans’ DNA, especially thanks to the vast distances ...
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Honda Accord Extended Warranty - Should You Get One?

Cars are wonderful inventions, but as great as they are, they can break. Yes, even Honda Accords—which are among the most reliable vehicles currently made—can fall apart if they’re not properly ...
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Your Guide to 8 Basic Car Parts You Should Know

If you have ever felt like your vehicle repair technician speaks a completely different language, then this post about basic car parts is for you. On the other hand, if you can confidently walk into ...
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Car Breakdown? What to do and how to prepare

Car Breakdown? What to do and how to prepare Few events can create the same cocktail of emotions as a car breakdown, an occurrence that is equal parts frustrating, embarrassing, distressing, and ...
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The Essential Guide to Your Summer Car Emergency Kit

When you’re on the go for your summer road trip this year, make sure your plans stay on track by having the basics on hand. Car necessities should include everything you need to keep yourself and ...
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