You are where you are today because a vehicle probably got you to where you needed to be. We’re here to help you learn how to get the most out of your car—and enjoy the ride along the way.

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Nearly 20 Years in Vehicle Protection

We do what we do because most of us rely on our vehicles to get us to the locations we need to be at in order to do what we need to do. Without a functioning car, some opportunities can’t be taken. That’s why we think it’s worth it to make your car last as long as possible! We created CarShield TV to teach people about it.

CarShield TV is where you can find all of the content CarShield has to offer. Our goal is to provide you with media that showcases helpful car-related content in an entertaining manner. Check around our site to see what we’ve been creating and who we’ve been collaborating with lately. We like to keep it moving here!

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What We Do

Our mission at CarShield is to help you protect what you love by keeping your vehicle on the road. We understand that you have places to be and people who count on you to be there. We believe you deserve the chance to move freely from place to place without worrying about unexpected breakdowns (and the resulting repair bills). As the leader in our industry, we are motivated by our responsibility to provide you with peace of mind in the face of vehicle failure.

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Our customers, our employees, and our communities come first.


We continually strive to find new and affordable ways to assist our customers.

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We endeavor to provide our customers with the comfort of knowing that we have their back.

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As the world adapts, we aim to adapt with it by strengthening our product & service for both our current and future customers.



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who we are

company history

CarShield History 2005
Our Founding Year

After being founded in 2005, CarShield sent out the first-ever pieces of CarShield mail advertising.

  • In the same year, our partnership with American Auto Shield began.
  • This was the beginning of what would become the industry-leading, number one auto protection company in the nation.
CarShield Field

In 2016, our name officially became CarShield! We also acquired the naming rights for our local collegiate baseball field: CarShield Field.

  • In 2009, our first TV advertisement aired and we began our first NASCAR sponsorship.
  • In 2015, our staff count reached 250 employees.
CarShield History 2016
CarShield History 2019
Millionth Contract Sold

In 2019, CarShield passed the million-contract milestone! That means that over a million vehicles were already being protected through CarShield. And, by as early as 2017, we were also able to boast over 500 employees!

  • Also in 2017, Addrienne Janic, Ernie Hudson, Burt Reynolds, and Larry McReynolds joined CarShield as official endorsers.
  • By 2019, CarShield had earned prestigious awards from INC 5000, Glassdoor, and St. Louis Business Journal.
CarShield’s Network Grows

After doubling our team count to 1,000 employees in 2020, CarShield kept the pace up by creating the Shield Repair Network and airing the first CarShield "The Big Game" in 2021.

  • Also by 2021, the following celebrities had started to endorse CarShield: Chris Berman, Ice-T, Pat Maroon, Vivica A. Fox, Ryan O’Reilly, and Ric Flair.
  • CarShield continued to win excellence awards from St. Louis Post Dispatch and Glassdoor.
CarShield History 2021
CarShield History 2023
CarShield Celebrates Our Two-Millionth Contract

By 2023, CarShield protected over two million vehicles and earned a Most Trusted Brand award through Newsweek. This honor recognizes CarShield as the most trusted brand in America for vehicle service protection. Our 1,250-strong staff is proud to bear that title!

  • In 2022, CarShield won the “Best Place to Work” award from St. Louis Business Journal.
  • Also in 2022, Allen Iverson was added as official CarShield endorsers.