What motivates you? What lights a fire under your hood? You can't get to where you want to be in life without your vehicle. "My Drive" is an episodic content series that dives into our spokespeople, employees, and customers to hear their stories, goals, and ambitions that paved the road to where they are now.



My Drive With Ice-T

"As options start to show up…I don’t turn down nothing but my collar and I keep that up."

Ice-T knows how important it is to take advantage of the opportunities you have and then show up to do the work. His work ethic drove him to release albums, earn awards, act in movies, and gain recognition as a TV star. This level of success comes from always focusing on valuing art above accolades. As another respected artist told him: art has to come first.

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"We’ve been very fortunate to have an excellent team…When you have a good team, your team can take you to different levels."

Actress, producer, director, author, and philanthropist Vivica A. Fox is one of our spokespeople for CarShield. Her longtime drive to be successful has helped her live out dreams beyond her wildest expectations! She deeply values loyalty, honesty, and dependability—all of which make her an awesome addition to the CarShield team.

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My Drive With Michael Chandler

“90% of success is just showing up…most of the time, if you show up, good things are going to happen”

Michael Chandler, professional fighter, got to where he is by consistently showing up. In doing so, he recognizes that one’s character stretches just a bit more with every season of life. Right now, that includes learning to be selfish in a way that allows him to be selfless for his family. Chandler also knows that showing up means that you need a vehicle—both literally and figuratively—to get to where you want to be in life.

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"If you want to get to the pinnacle of your career, you’ve got to drive yourself to get better every single day and you’ve got to work on your craft…there are no days off"

Professional hockey player and St. Louis native Pat Maroon finds that his drive comes from his family. He feels his parents taught him how to be a good person with excellent work ethic, and that has helped him grow in his hockey practice. This kid from St. Louis (who remembers watching the greats in the old arena with his dad and brother) grew up to be one of the pro hockey players carrying the 2019 Stanley Cup down Market Street, and that’s something he’ll never forget.

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My Drive With Dana Weddle

"At 15 years old, whether I liked it or not, we were out in the yard working on my car."

Our spokesperson, Dana, is a lady of many talents! Not only does she do an excellent job of representing CarShield on our TV commercials, she is also a comedian, chef, musician, and fan of classic cars. Here, Dana shares more about how she learned to care for a car and why she cares so much about keeping her own in working order.

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My Drive With Chad B.

"What I love about CarShield is that it completely changed my life…you write your own story here."

Chad is our marketing specialist with a passion for health and fitness. When he started at CarShield, he focused on three big goals. Then, in a remarkably short time, his hard work paid off: he reached those goals and is ready to set more! For him, CarShield has an unprecedented number of ways to grow—all while maintaining a solid work-life balance.

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My Drive With Cieara I.

"My Dad instilled in me…that there’s no middle ground—you’re either zero or 100."

Our teammate, Cieara, cares for foster puppies in her spare time. Motivated by her husband and her team at CarShield, she continually meets her health and fitness goals by showing up each day to put in the hard work. She feels like she has a support network here at CarShield that is there for her even when times are tough.

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My Drive With Devin A.

"If I know you’re having a bad day or if I see you struggling, well then I’m your tag-team partner now."

Devin found CarShield through the Hiring Our Heroes program. After coming from a tough job as a family care specialist, he now rocks his position as Sales Specialist in our TV department. When he’s not on the job, he’s probably watching pro wrestling, catching a local sports game, or spending time outside.

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My Drive With Richard

"It is a journey. It’s not a destination. Once you ‘get there,’ you don’t stop—you keep going. I want to help you start that journey."

Fitness is for everyone at any level…and its positive impacts are endless! Our new fitness coach, Richard Lee, is one of our physical wellness leaders who helps CarShield employees start (or continue) their fitness journey. His work generates the contagious good energy that colors our company culture!

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