Season 1 | Episode 2 - Asheville, NC

Drive On: Soaring in the Mountains

Episode 2 of Season 1 of “Drive On” features our hosts, Doug and Sonya, heading over to Asheville, NC. For their first North Carolina adventure, Sonya’s skills as a professional motorsports driver give her an edge at The Track, a Formula 1 racing simulation experience and one of the coolest things to do in Asheville. The Track at Asheville even lets racers account for suboptimal driving conditions by offering simulations for different types of weather, which ignites a discussion about how a variety of climates and conditions affect cars in unique ways. Afterwards, Doug and Sonya refuel at the Battery Park Book Exchange and muse on how much preparedness matters when it comes to road trips. Once both mind and body have been properly fueled by bites and books, our hosts embark on their wildest activity yet on this show: falconry at Curtis Wright Outfitters. As they gear up and get to know these majestic birds of prey, both Sonya and Doug get a taste of the precision required for this ancient skill (not unlike the precision involved in driving safely). Finally, our hosts end their day in Asheville, NC, looking forward to the sweet next destination for their trip: Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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