Season 1 | Episode 3 - Hershey, PA

Drive On: Road Sweet Road

At their final road trip stop in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Doug and Sonya learn the tricks of the chocolate-crafting trade by becoming chocolatiers for the day. Naturally, chocolate-making at the famous Hershey Story Museum is one of the top things to do in Hershey, PA. While they perfect their personalized candy bars, our hosts discuss the meticulousness that often unites car maintenance and chocolate crafting. Afterward, at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, Sonya’s driving prowess is showcased once again. Doug, on the other hand, is initially nervous about taking the wheel but learns quickly and soon gets the hang of off-road driving. Meanwhile, our hosts resume their discussion about how proper vehicle care is crucial to keep your car at top notch performance. To wind down from their trail-driving experience, Sonya and Doug end their road trip at the America’s Transportation Experience. They appreciate how, although modern cars are more complex and practical than ever before, classic cars still have an undeniable draw. Our hosts spend time appreciating these antique cars while debating practicality versus style. Finally, our hosts review the highlights of their first “Drive On” road trip and look forward to their future adventures.

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