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Sample Contracts

Choose the vehicle protection plan that fits your needs.

Affordable & Flexible Coverage for Every Vehicle

We offer a coverage plan that fits every budget and lifestyle.

Our Best Coverage


This plan is our most popular contract because it is most similar to the manufacturer warranty that accompanies a new car. Covering issues ranging from engine and transmission failures, to starter problems, and fuel pump breakdowns.



This vehicle service contract is the best coverage option for a vehicle with higher miles on it, it protects your vehicle’s engine, transmission, AC, electrical system, starter, water pump, fuel pump & more.

Powertrain Plus


This vehicle service contract is great for vehicles with over 100,000 miles. Coverage includes the engine, transmission, and water pump, as well as the starter, alternator, A/C, and power window motors.

High Mileage

Gold Select

Ideal for high-mileage vehicles, this service contract covers key components like the engine, transmission, water pump, alternator, starter, air conditioning system, and power window motors.



This vehicle service contract is a powertrain coverage. It covers the most important parts of your vehicle, including all lubricated parts on your engine, transmission, and water pump.

Specialty Coverage


This vehicle service contract is great for covering most electrical and computer-related problems including engine control module, starter, alternator, navigation/GPS, electrical system & more.

Other Coverage

Motorcycle & ATV

These contracts have different types of coverage compared to the others listed. The various contracts below cover motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and other special circumstances.


Electric Vehicle Coverage

These vehicle service contracts are designed for fully electric vehicles. These programs can cover various vehicle parts including the electric drive unit, electrical system, battery pack, and more. See contract for full details.

CarShield could help save you thousands in potential car repairs.

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