Sample Policies

Choose the vehicle protection policy that fits your needs.

Affordable & Flexible Coverage for Every Vehicle

We offer a coverage plan that fits every budget and lifestyle.

Total New Car Coverage

New Car

This plan is our most popular contract because it is mirrored after the manufacturer warranty that accompanies a new car. Covering everything ranging from engine and transmission failures, to starter problems, and fuel pump breakdowns.

 United Car Care New Car
 United Car Care New Car (Florida)
 American Auto Shield New Car
 American Auto Shield New Car Monthly
 American Auto Shield New Car (Florida)
 INDS Diamond Coverage

Best Used Car Coverage


This plan is designed to cover vehicles that have miles on them when purchased. It offers protection for your engine, transmission, air conditioning, starter, fuel pump, and electrical system to name a few.

 United Car Care Comprehensive
 United Car Care Comprehensive (Florida)
 American Auto Shield Comprehensive
 American Auto Shield Comprehensive Monthly
 American Auto Shield Comprehensive (Florida)
 INDS Platinum

Best For High-Mileage

Power Train Plus

This is our top of the line plan for those vehicles with high mileage. This plan covers your car’s engine, alternator, water pump, transmission, and air conditioning.

 United Car Care Enhanced Power Train
 United Car Care Enhanced Power Train – Florida
 American Auto Shield Enhanced Power Train
 American Auto Shield Enhanced Power Train Monthly
 American Auto Shield Enhanced Power Train (Florida)
 INDS XtraSupreme

Most Affordable

Power Train

This vehicle service contract is our most affordable policy. Covers the most important parts of your vehicle, including all lubricated parts on your engine, transmission, and water pump.

 United Car Care Power Train
 United Car Care Power Train (Florida)
 American Auto Shield Power Train
 American Auto Shield Powertrain Monthly
 American Auto Shield Power Train (Florida)
 INDS XtraCustom

Specialty Coverage

High Tech

This vehicle service contract is great for covering most electrical and computer related problems including Engine Control Module, Starter, Alternator, Navigation/GPS, Electrical System & more.

 American Auto Shield High Tech
 American Auto Shield High Tech Monthly

Other Coverage


This vehicle service contract is similar to the Comprehensive coverage for automobiles. It protects your vehicle’s engine, transmission, electrical system, starter, water pump, fuel pump & more.

 United Car Care Motorcycle

CarShield could save you thousands in potential car repairs.

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