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Ford Mustang Warranty vs Vehicle Service Agreements

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Today’s Ford Mustang is a great car. It may actually go down in history as one of the all-time legends. There aren’t many cars out there offering a true bang-for-your-buck experience anymore, but the Ford Mustang certainly does.

All About the Ford Mustang

Originally named not for the horse but for the World War II fighter plane, the Ford Mustang, complete with its pony logo, is nevertheless an icon of the automotive industry. This pony car has been around since the sixties, and from the get-go, it has been the essence of cheap thrills.

Over the years, the Mustang has seen everything from the horsepower wars to the OPEC oil embargo. Through it all, Ford has made continual improvements to the Mustang, and today’s car is light years beyond the original, even if it does offer the same killer long hood, short-deck, high horsepower look.

Today’s Mustang is a symphony of performance. Whether you go for the 2.3L four-cylinder Ecoboost’s 310 hp or the Shelby GT500, which makes a colossal 760 hp, Mustang is a ride to be remembered.

And since it comes wrapped in such a beautiful, evocative shape, it’s got style for days. There’s nothing like this one-of-a-kind machine from the folks who work at the blue oval.

Common Repairs and Services Required by the Ford Mustang

While it is something close to magical to drive a Ford Mustang, it is a machine, and it does suffer wear and tear. It may be tempting to purchase a Ford Mustang extended warranty to supplement your factory Ford Mustang warranty, but don’t be fooled.

There is a difference between a warranty and a service agreement. A lot of the common problems we’re about to see won’t be covered by anything but a Ford Mustang <a href=">service agreement.

Squeaking from Worn Outer Tie Rod Ends

This problem could manifest either while you’re turning the steering wheel or when you drive over bumpy roads. The tie rods are the lowest component in your Mustang’s suspension system, and they can take a beating over the miles. Replacing the worn parts makes it as good as new, but it’s going to mean leaving it in the shop for a day.

Camshaft Sensor Trouble

There is a magnet embedded in the Mustang’s camshaft that helps calibrate ignition timing via a sensor. Mustangs have had some trouble stemming from this magnet coming loose, falling out, and causing damage.

If your Mustang has this issue, it will show up as a hard starting condition, and getting it repaired is a pretty lengthy and involved process that could take a couple of days at the dealer — if it’s even covered by your Ford Mustang warranty.

Oil Leaks at the Intake Manifold and Valve Covers

You’ll know if your Mustang leaks oil because it will smell like burning motor oil and may even produce a telltale bluish-white smoke.

If it’s coming from your intake manifold and valve cover(s), those parts are on the top of the engine, which means oil is dripping down and coating your whole engine in filth, which isn’t good for it. Replacement means about a day in the shop.

Extended Warranties for Ford Mustang

A Ford Mustang extended warranty may seem like a great idea. It’s usually sold to you as a catch-all problem solver, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Most warranties either duplicate a lot of the coverage you already get through the factory warranty or aren’t worth paying what they cost — for a lot of reasons.

One of those reasons is the fact that many extended warranties don’t allow you to choose your own mechanic, and they dictate other terms to you about the repair of your Ford Mustang that make it an ordeal to get the work done. There must be a better way.

Ford Mustang Vehicle Service Agreements

A Ford Mustang service contract is a lot different. With a Ford Mustang service contract, you’re covered for a whole lot more than just the repair bill. Just have a look at all of the great features of a Ford Mustang service agreement through CarShield:
  • Plan options to fit your budget
  • Choose your own mechanic
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rental car assistance
  • Towing coverage
  • Flexible options for payment
With a service agreement through CarShield, you can choose your own mechanic, and that alone can make all of the difference. But there’s more. With CarShield, you can avoid paying thousands in an emergency.

Most repair bills clock in at anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, which is either a huge dent in your savings or a massive hit on your credit card. It can feel like you’re being held hostage if your warranty coverage ends up becoming a fight or a straight-up denial.

CarShield is the helping hand you need when things go wrong with your Ford Mustang. See what <a href=">CarShield can do for you today.

CarShield customer, Don, saved over $4,300 in auto repairs.
CarShield customer, Don, saved over $4,300 in auto repairs.

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