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What’s Included in a Honda Vehicle Service Contract?

Honda consistently tops lists as one of the most reliable car brands. The company does an excellent job sorting out issues and engineering challenges and has eliminated most problems that used to ...
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What Does a Vehicle Service Contract Cover?

One of the essential selling points for new cars is their manufacturer’s warranty. When and if some part breaks or fails, all an owner has to do is take the vehicle to an approved repair facility ...
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What’s the Difference Between Coverage Through CarShield and an Extended Warranty From a Dealership?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between what an Auto Dealership can offer after the Manufacturer’s Warranty runs out and what a company like CarShield can offer? Below we will spell ...
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Difference Between Car Insurance and Vehicle Service Agreements

Table of Contents Why Do I Need Vehicle Coverage? What Is Car Insurance? What Is a Vehicle Service Contract? Car Insurance vs. Vehicle Service Contracts Should You Have a Vehicle Service Contract if ...
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Honda CR-V Warranty vs Vehicle Service Agreements

The all-around performance of the Honda CR-V through the years has kept it near the top of the list of most popular mid-size crossover vehicles in the United States. There is so much to love about ...
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