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General coverage of the automotive industry, vehicle recalls, and more.

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Running Costs for Electric Cars: Are EVs Cheaper Than Gas Vehicles?

There is a massive shift in the automotive industry taking place. More manufacturers are pledging to have all-electric lineups within a few years, and gasoline-powered cars are getting “final ...
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Is Extended Warranty Worth It?

As you navigate the endless changes that come with the territory of shopping for a new car, you’ll no doubt encounter the topic of extended warranties. There’s a lot to juggle in a new or used ...
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Protection Plans for Used Cars

Used cars are a calculated risk. The upside is that the initial hit on depreciation has already happened, meaning you can get a great deal on the purchase price. But the downside is that a used ...
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Are Car Repairs Covered Under Warranty?

Are Car Repairs Covered Under Warranty? Unfortunately, there’s no blanket answer to that question. The issue of whether a warranty will cover a repair comes down to the type of repair needed and ...
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The Future: The Best Electric Trucks

Editor’s note: CarShield does not currently offer vehicle service contracts on Electric Trucks. There are many EV Trucks on the market. CarShield helps answer which one is best for you. After what ...
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Since having CarShield, Bill has had 2 claims on his Ford F250 to save over $2,000 in repairs.
Since having CarShield, Bill has had 2 claims on his Ford F250 to save over $2,000 in repairs.

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