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The RAM 1500 is one awesome vehicle. It’s capable, smooth, quiet, and ready for action right off the showroom floor. But like any vehicle, it is a complex machine and capable of developing problems, even to the point of breakdowns. Do you have a RAM 1500 warranty?

All About the RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 is commonly available in both V6 and V8 configurations, with both hybrid and diesel options sweetening the powertrain pot. This truck is also off-road capable with an available advanced four-wheel-drive system. It can tow up to 12,750 lbs. and haul a payload of 2320 lbs. when properly equipped.

Inside, the 8.4-in. touchscreen display is standard, or you can upgrade to the premium 12-in. display, available in all models but the base trim. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come with it, and even better, all RAM 1500 models also feature knobs and buttons too, making the whole system intuitive to operate.

As you may have guessed, there’s a lot of tech here, and although it might seem like a cliche to warn of electrical gremlins, unfortunately, the RAM 1500 is rather well known for those, as well as some other issues.

Common Repairs and Service Required by the RAM 1500

The RAM 1500 does suffer from certain common issues as the truck ages and collects miles. Some of them are relatively minor but still require a Mopar technician’s expertise to install properly.

You might think a RAM 1500 warranty is a good idea, but when you see this partial list of some of the most common issues that crop up, maybe a RAM 1500 service agreement would be better.

Exhaust Manifold Bolts May Break

This problem is one of the worst possible issues any vehicle could have, not just because of the severity of the damage but because of how much labor is required to fix it.

Broken manifold bolts mean exhaust leaks, and that means potential for carbon monoxide invasion in the cabin, not to mention an engine that sounds like it’s about to come apart.

Fixing it means a lot of disassembly and specialized tools because the technician will be required to remove broken bolt studs from the block. Look for a large repair bill on this one, and it might not even be covered by a RAM 1500 extended warranty.

Water Leak Due to Faulty Rear Window Seal

This issue is more of a body and interior problem, but the kicker is that you likely won’t know there’s a leak until you smell the mold and rot behind interior body panels and under the carpet. That means there’s a lot of disassembly here, too, not just a new rear window seal.

Multiple Coolant Leaks

If it’s just a leaky hose, that’s one thing. That would mean a trip to the shop and a day without your RAM 1500 just to replace the hose(s) and test for leaks.

But if you’ve got a leaky seal or gasket — and if coolant is leaking into the engine oil galleries — that’s a recipe for disaster and could mean a blown engine. At the least, there’s the inconvenience of leaks and the danger of overheating. At the worst, you’re shopping for a new truck.

Cam Sensor Failure Causing Car to Fail to Start or Stall

Replacing the cam sensor is an involved job that includes taking the front dress (the entire accessory drive) off the engine to access the camshaft, down at the base of the engine’s “V.” Depending on variables, the technician may have to at least partially remove the camshaft too, which means hours of labor.

Software Update and Axle Disconnect Actuator Replacement to Correct 4WD Issues

Not just a simple software update, this issue also requires the technician to replace the solenoid on the 4WD transfer case. It’s a big bill for parts and labor.

Extended Warranties for RAM 1500

You might think it’s a good idea to invest in a RAM 1500 extended warranty, and your sales professional might also encourage you to do the same. But be careful. A warranty has coverage limits. Some of these issues, and some of the situations they create, might not be covered. It might be a better idea to invest in a RAM 1500 service contract.

RAM 1500 Vehicle Service Agreements

A vehicle service agreement through CarShield is the better option. With month-to-month coverage without a mileage or age limit, once you’re covered your contract stays the same as long as you wish to keep the vehicle covered. Vehicle service contracts provide customizable coverage to meet your needs and budget and 24/7 roadside assistance, courtesy towing, and more at no additional cost. A huge repair bill could cost $2,000, even $5,000 and up. But a RAM 1500 service contract with CarShield is easier on your cash flow from month to month.

A RAM 1500 service agreement includes services you’re going to need to be able to get through a major car repair like those listed above. Get your choice of mechanic, a replacement rental, and more with a service agreement through CarShield today.

CarShield customer, Esekiez, used his vehicle protection to fix his broken power windows at his Nissan dealer.
CarShield customer, Esekiez, used his vehicle protection to fix his broken power windows at his Nissan dealer.

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