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Honda Accord Extended Warranty - Should You Get One?

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Cars are wonderful inventions, but as great as they are, they can break. Yes, even Honda Accords—which are among the most reliable vehicles currently made—can fall apart if they’re not properly cared for.

But that’s why we have warranties, of course! Manufacturer warranties offer protection in case of a flaw from the factory. In Honda’s case, that warranty is good for three years or 36,000 miles.

If that’s not enough, most car companies offer extended warranties (at an extra cost, of course), which can provide a variety of coverage levels. Honda, in particular, offers extended warranties via Honda Care, which can keep the coverage going for up to eight years or 120,000 miles.

The Reason for a Honda Extended Warranty

Repair prices from RepairPal for a 2020 Honda Accord, which is out of its initial warranty period by this time, show the following:

  • Brake Booster Replacement: $629 to $800
  • Park Assist Camera Replacement: $357 to $372
  • Window Switch Replacement: $322 to $345
  • Oil Pan Gasket Replacement: $347 to $436
  • CV Joint Replacement: $1,385 to $1,424

Depending on the specific age and mileage of your Honda Accord, you might pay anywhere from $900 to as much as $2,500 to get extended coverage ranging between five years/60,000 miles and eight years/120,000 miles.

If you decide against the extended warranty, you could end up having to replace your brake booster, a CV joint, and a power window motor...all in the time it could have taken to just keep your car protected. Paying for these repairs out of pocket could easily cost more than even the highest quoted price for an extended warranty altogether.

What’s Covered Under a Honda Accord Extended Warranty?

You can get four different levels of extended warranties when you purchase your Honda Accord. There’s New Vehicle coverage, Pre-Owned coverage, Certified Additional coverage, and Powertrain coverage, the latter being only available for pre-owned models.

Your extended warranty takes care of the following: - The powertrain, including the engine, transmission, and other drivetrain components - Electronics and electrical systems - Chassis components, including the suspension, brakes, and steering rack - Climate control systems - OEM accessories, such as audio and the navigation system

With your Honda extended car warranty, you’ll also get these benefits: - Roadside Assistance: Includes towing and winching, fuel delivery, jump-starts, tire changes, and lockouts - Rental Cars: Honda will pay up to $35 every day for six days - Trip Interruption: Honda will pay a max of $100 per day for three days - Concierge services through HondaLink

The warranty won’t cover accidents or regularly consumed items, such as brake pads and tires, nor will it cover regular maintenance.

What About Third-Party Extended Warranties?

Technically, only manufacturers can provide “extended warranties.” What you purchase from third parties is, in actuality, a “service agreement.” Because a vehicle service contract functions almost identically to an extended warranty, people often use the terms interchangeably.

Still, the main differences between manufacturer-provided extended warranties and third-party-provided service contracts are as follows:

Coverage Length

The maximum age and mileage allowed under Honda Care are eight years and 100,000 miles. Service agreement providers can provide coverage for vehicles ten years or older, and they can cover up to 300,000 miles.

Coverage Plans

Your Honda Accord extended warranty will cover either the powertrain or the entire car. With service agreements, though, you can mix and match, so if you want to cover just the electrical system or perhaps get corrosion coverage, you can do that!


Honda requires you to purchase a plan to get a zero deductible. Otherwise, the purchaser’s deductible is $100. Most, if not all, service agreement providers offer a zero deductible option on the majority of their plans.

Repair Network

Honda wants you to solely use Honda dealers, but service agreement providers will probably let you choose your mechanic. They may only require that the repair facility is Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified.


Honda Care is, fittingly, only available from Honda, and you’ll have to get it from your local dealer. In contrast, you can purchase a service agreement from a provider online or over the phone whenever you like from wherever you are.


As mentioned above, Honda Care can cost anywhere from $900 to around $2,500, whereas service agreements are generally cheaper.

Negotiating the Price of an Extended Car Warranty

Of course, paying less for a Honda extended car warranty is the goal! Here are some tips to help make that happen:

Compare Prices

Ask for quotes from multiple providers. At the very least, you’ll have found the lowest price you can get, and at most these quotes can also be a powerful negotiation tool.

Ask for Discounts

Sometimes, you can simply tell your dealer that you think the price of the extended warranty is too high, and they’ll lower it. You can even ask whether they price match.

Only Get the Coverage You Need

If you don’t need to cover your entire car, there’s no reason you should. Perhaps all you need is a powertrain warranty to cover its most vital parts. In some cases, bumper-to-bumper coverage is a waste.

Read the Details

Don’t get caught by hidden fees such as service charges. Read every part of the warranty, so you know what your coverage actually entails! Also, when you peruse the fine print, you’ll find exclusions and restrictions, as well as fees for canceling the extended warranty coverage.

Buy When You Need Coverage

Your extended warranty coverage will begin once your initial warranty expires, so don’t buy extended coverage until your factory warranty ends, or you’ll be stuck paying for redundant protections.

Is an Extended Car Warranty the Right Move for You?

As the proud owner of a Honda Accord, you want to make sure you’re protecting it for years of happy driving, but you have to decide whether getting an extended warranty is worth the cost. Here’s some food for thought:

Extended warranty pros include the following: - Keep you from paying out of pocket for expensive repairs - Provide other benefits such as roadside assistance and rental coverage - Are often transferrable to the new owner when you sell your car

Extended warranty cons are as such: - You won’t get the value back if you never need repairs - It may not cover everything you want

You have to weigh the possibility of a repair cost coming out of your pocket vs. your Honda extended car warranty never getting used. If you’re only planning on owning your Accord for a short time, you may feel that its inherent reliability will carry you through.

Remember, though, that you do have alternatives to the Honda Care extended warranty! A service agreement that covers only the parts you want to cover can save you money while still offering protection in case something breaks.

Michael has CarShield for peace of mind with his 2014 Chevy Impala to protect against new design issues.
Michael has CarShield for peace of mind with his 2014 Chevy Impala to protect against new design issues.

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