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Honda CR-V Warranty vs Vehicle Service Agreements

The all-around performance of the Honda CR-V through the years has kept it near the top of the list of most popular mid-size crossover vehicles in the United States. There is so much to love about ...
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Electric Vehicles: A Basic Guide to Why They’re More Common But Not the Most Popular Choice—Yet

Although most cars are still powered by gasoline these days, auto manufacturers continue to innovate alternative fuel models. This is meant to help the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. ...
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Buying New vs. Used Cars: A Complete Guide on How to Decide

Shopping for a new vehicle provides an overwhelming number of choices, from knowing which type of car you want to the way you prefer to power it, but perhaps the most difficult choice of all may be ...
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Vehicle Service Contract for Your Used Car

We all dread driving down the highway, engine humming and tunes-a-buzzing, when there’s that dreaded sound of something going tragically wrong. Maybe it's a loud thud and the steering wheel ...
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Is a Vehicle Service Contract Worth It?

All new cars come with warranties that offer varying levels of protection. Some only last for a few years, while others can provide coverage for up to ten. Nevertheless, what every factory warranty ...
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