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CarShield will help keep you informed on the latest tips, and insights, on vehicle protection and auto maintenance.

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What Does a Vehicle Service Contract Cover?

One of the essential selling points for new cars is their manufacturer’s warranty. When and if some part breaks or fails, all an owner has to do is take the vehicle to an approved repair facility ...
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What’s the Difference Between Coverage Through CarShield and an Extended Warranty From a Dealership?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between what an Auto Dealership can offer after the Manufacturer’s Warranty runs out and what a company like CarShield can offer? Below we will spell ...
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Difference Between Car Insurance and Vehicle Service Agreements

Table of Contents Why Do I Need Vehicle Coverage? What Is Car Insurance? What Is a Vehicle Service Contract? Car Insurance vs. Vehicle Service Contracts Should You Have a Vehicle Service Contract if ...
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Vehicle Service Contract for Your Used Car

We all dread driving down the highway, engine humming and tunes-a-buzzing, when there’s that dreaded sound of something going tragically wrong. Maybe it's a loud thud and the steering wheel ...
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Is a Vehicle Service Contract Worth It?

All new cars come with warranties that offer varying levels of protection. Some only last for a few years, while others can provide coverage for up to ten. Nevertheless, what every factory warranty ...
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Car Breakdown? What to do and how to prepare

Car Breakdown? What to do and how to prepare Few events can create the same cocktail of emotions as a car breakdown, an occurrence that is equal parts frustrating, embarrassing, distressing, and ...
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Myth or Fact? Your Non-Mechanic Guide to 10 Common Car Maintenance Tips

Going to the auto service shop can feel like entering a foreign country after a 20-hour flight with minimal language tips (or, at best, a bulky phrase book) to prepare you for your arrival. An auto ...
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Car Recalls and the Questions You May Have

Have you ever looked in your mailbox and received a letter from your car’s manufacturer that says “RECALL”? Usually, the letter will be marked with words like “Urgent” or “Important”. ...
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High Tech Auto Safety Features Explained

When you think of all the things that can distract a driver, the most notable thing that most people think about is their cell phone. It’s highly likely that if you’re a distracted driver, the ...
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The Overlooked Necessity That Needs to Be on Your Back to School List

Back-to-School Season Is the Time to Shop for Deals With the back-to-school season in full swing, families of all kinds are preparing to handle the stress of the busy time. Everything—from finding ...
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