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CarShield will help keep you informed on the latest tips, and insights, on vehicle protection and auto maintenance.

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Car Warranty Expired or Is About to Expire? Here’s What to Do

Nearly every new car sold today comes standard with a warranty, and seeing as how many factory warranties can last upwards of ten years or up to 100,000 miles, buying a used car coupled with a ...
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Does Warranty Work Have to Be Done at Dealerships? It Depends.

You just want your car to work. As such, one question you may ask yourself when you have to get repairs or maintenance is, “If my car is under warranty, can I take it to any dealership?” The ...
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Is Extended Warranty Worth It?

As you navigate the endless changes that come with the territory of shopping for a new car, you’ll no doubt encounter the topic of extended warranties. There’s a lot to juggle in a new or used ...
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