Honda Accord Warranty vs Vehicle Service Agreements

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Most people rely heavily on their cars. It's how they get to work to make a living, go grocery shopping, and run other errands. Cars also provide transportation for travel and other pleasurable activities. To keep running well, motor vehicles need regular maintenance and even then, may require repairs now and then. Dependability is important and why it's good to buy a service agreement such as a Honda Accord warranty.

When it comes to choosing a quality, dependable car, you can't do much better than a Honda. The Japanese manufacturer builds some of the best cars on the planet. Even a dependable car will need service from time to time and that is where a service agreement becomes a valuable thing to have.

All About the Honda Accord

Honda introduced the Accord as a hatchback in 1976. Dependable and fuel-efficient, it quickly became the best-selling car in America and with 13 million units sold to date, it still holds that title. The current Accord is a full-sized sedan, yet with Honda's V-6 engine, it still gets excellent mileage while having sufficient power for most driving situations.

In a world where crossovers and SUVs dominate car sales, the Accord still sells at a healthy rate. With nimble handling and two turbocharged engine options, it's as fun to drive as it is safe. It features an entire suite of systems designed to protect drivers and passengers, such as lane-departure assist, a blind-spot camera, automatic braking, and front and side airbags. Car and Driver ranks the Accord as the number sedan sold in the U.S.

Common Repairs and Services Required by the Honda Accord

The Honda Accord, like any other car, requires regular service and maintenance to keep running at its best. The cost estimation for servicing and repairing your Accord over a 10-year period is $5,412. This is nearly $1,500 less than the average for other popular sedans but is still an outlay of expense. The chance of an Accord needing major repairs during that time frame is 15.57%, which is almost 6% less than the industry average.

The Accord requires an engine oil change and tire rotation every 7,500 miles. Every 15,000 miles should see a change of the oil filter as well as an inspection of the driving and parking brakes. At the 45,000-mile mark, brake fluid and coolant should be replaced. The Accord is a well-built car and most do not experience major problems, but there are five common issues that some Accords develop that require repair:

  1. Failing Transmission - After passing the 70,000-mile mark, the transmission on some Accords starts to slip, skip, shift poorly, or fail altogether. An overhaul is usually required and in some cases, a new transmission may be in order. This is a repair that costs $2,000-$4,000.
  2. Failing Power Door Locks - Some Accords, upon reaching about 105,000 miles experience problems with the power door locks. They may at times activate on their own or not respond to your remote entry. Cars equipped with alarms may have them go off due to the door lock failure. This problem is generally caused by a faulty actuator in one of the locks. Replacing them costs about $200.
  3. Feeling Vibration Under Braking - Passing 98,000 miles, some Accords start to vibrate when the brakes are applied. This may be accompanied by rattling or shaking and many owners feel a rubbing sensation. Warped brake rotors are the cause of the issue. Sometimes the problem can be fixed by machining the rotors. If they are too thin, they must be replaced which can cost as must as $900.
  4. Cracking of Compliance Bushings - Accords that have surpassed 95,000 miles sometimes experience problems in the steering and suspension caused by a cracked compliance bushing. This will cause the car to shudder or squeal while turning. It costs between $500 and $600 to repair this problem.
  5. Dashboard Display Going Dark - Once they have reached 109,000 miles, some Accord owners have the problem of their dashboard displays suddenly going dark. This tends to happen most often to the climate control and radio displays. The cause of this issue is a faulty circuit board that costs $200-$300 to replace.

Your Accord may never experience any of these problems but they are not uncommon. Any one of them could result in a costly repair bill.

Extended Warranties for Honda Accord

Your new vehicle will come with a Honda Accord Warranty that will cover certain repairs over a given period of time or for a set amount of mileage. People tend to keep their Hondas for long beyond the warranty period. When the mileage gets high is when most major repairs are likely to occur. You could purchase an extended warranty from your Honda dealer or a third party for a longer period of coverage.

Honda Accord Vehicle Service Agreements

Another option for longer repair coverage on your Honda Accord is a vehicle service agreement. Many companies offer these plans at reasonable rates with flexible payment plans. They cover basic maintenance which will help prevent problems, and repair bills should an issue occur. You usually have your choice of one of their certified mechanics and many also offer towing as part of the coverage. Some service agreements also pay for a rental car to get you around while your Accord is in the shop. The Honda Accord is one of the finest automobiles available. Every car, no matter how well made, requires maintenance and may need occasional repairs. These can be expensive. A vehicle service agreement is a cost-effective way to help you pay to service your Accord after its warranty has expired.

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